The Big 30

Here is a list of the 30 challenges I will undertake over the next twelve months. Please subscribe to my blog if you would like to follow my progress, both in the challenges and my fundraising.

1) Swimming with sharks (March) ✔

2) Balmoral 5km (April 21st) ✔

3) The Illuminator night race (October 27th)

4) The Banchory Beast (September 22nd)

5) Swim the distance of the Channel in 12 weeks (May, June and July) ✔

6) Be a human sponge target (June) ✔

7) Conquering a zip wire course (August) ✔️

8)  Giving up chocolate for Lent (February 14th – April 1st) ✔

9) Reverse advent calendar (December)

10) Canyoning ✔

11)  Volunteering at a care home ✔

12) Organising a pop up cafe

13) Anonymously pay for someone’s meal (??? 😉)

14) Read at the children’s hospital

15) Climb Ben Nevis ✔

16) Host a pudding night

17) Shear a sheep ✔️

18) Learn and create the art of stained glass (November)

19) Try open water swimming (23rd July)✔

20) GungHo! Aberdeen (1st September) ✔️

21) Visit the homeless in Aberdeen with food supplies ✔️

22) Eat an entire tub of twiglets (🤢) in one go (July)✔️

23) Host a pub quiz

24) Go vegan for a month (July)✔️

25) Create a ‘shared bookshelf’ in Aberdeenshire✔

26) Cycle the whole Deeside Way (September )

27) Plant a ceremonial tree (April)✔

28) Volunteer at the Deeside Drop In Games Club (Jan+)✔

29) Host a charity Beauty Brunch

30) Give a talk on Mental Health (24 July) ✔️