“…I tend to default towards comfort over style” Letting the children loose in my wardrobe

Oh my goodness my rate of blogging and doing are so incredibly out of sync with each other. I am sure that I could have given myself a much easier job if I wrote as I did. Alas, that is not what I have done, so here we are again, on a post that is playing catch up with the present. Incidentally, Happy New Year!! I wish you all health, wealth and happiness for 2019 🥰 

But, for now, let’s rewind back to November 2018. Specifically the week beginning the 26th. This was the week that I completed the challenge voted for by my local community – Allowing the kids to dress me for a week. I have to say, my kiddos did me proud. Between the two of them, taking it turn and turn about, they put together some truly knockout outfits for me. I received more compliments during this week alone than I did for the rest of 2018 combined. This may well be as I was dressed in clothing that no one has seen before. In fact, shamefully, I had forgotten that most of these items were in my wardrobe. Generally I tend to default towards comfort over style, which means the same old ripped jeans and whichever sweater is at the top of my drawer that morning. This week however, I wore an array of outfits, and jeans only featured twice. One particular pair, was a lovely hue of bubblegum pink, worn on a primary school trip that I was a parent helper at. My daughter paired them with a big glittery bow (also pink), a sequinned black blazer and a dinosaur t.shirt 🎀 I looked very 80s Madonna. The day following this trip, I had an important meeting. I informed my son of this as he was picking out my outfit. He used excellent logic for his choice… “Daddy goes to meetings at work, Daddy dresses smartly for work, Daddy wears a tie…”. What would you know, I went to my meeting in a shirt with a bow tie, checked trousers, brogues and a Harry Potter knit. I went from Madonna to geek chic within 24 hours, and I loved both looks. Another amusing highlight from that week was going to the gym in my tiger onesie (yes, I own a tiger onesie). Other gym goers did their best to act as though this was completely normal and chatted to me about everything from the weather to Donald Trump, clearly trying to avoid talking about the elephant in the room that was me. For this, I thank them 😘. Less subtle with their conversations were the mothers at my daughter’s ballet class (Sarah and Clare, I’m looking at you!). I turned up in bat wings, a sparkle hair band aaaaand… one of my daughter’s ballet tutus. Let’s all just pause here and take a moment to appreciate that I got this up over my bottom. I know, it’s impressive right?! The fact that I ripped it while posing for a photo is irrelevant 😝  

So, what can I conclude from this week. Well, one thing I certainly learnt is that it is not so much what you wear, but how you wear it. Even in outfits that were truly ridiculous (hello again tiger onesie) I got complimented on as I “… wore (it) with the right attitude” (not my words). Without sounding like a huge walking, talking cliche, Confidence is definitely one of the most stylish things you can wear. Yes, I know I sound very cringey right now. I am cringing in my seat myself, but it is true. I also learnt that I have a lot more clothes than I realise, so one of my (many) New Years resolutions for 2019 is to not buy any new clothing for 12 months. Given the amount of lovely things popping up in the sales right now this is already proving tough, but 3 days in and nothing has be acquired. Only 363 to go… 😳😳😳

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