“… It was wet, muddy and such a giggle“ becoming a human sponge target

I have a couple of things to write about for this blog post. I will start with the good…

I completed another one of my challenges for 30 things this weekend 😊 I was a human sponge target, to the joy and hilarity of my kids.

My son checking the stocks

It was fun to be doing something that both my family and the community could join in with. It was wet, muddy and such a giggle (These three things seem to be a theme of my year so far). I am very grateful that on the day that I was pelted with dripping wet sponges it was a warm, calm day and the water was a refreshing splash rather than an icy torture. I did however make the rookie mistake of talking at the same time as someone was taking aim and throwing a sponge at me, resulting a mouthful of muddy, barky, water. After that, having learnt my lesson, I kept my mouth and eyes firmly shut. I don’t know if I should be flattered or concerned at the eagerness everyone had for flinging sponges at me. The smiles that I could see before scrunching up my face in its defensive position were full of excitement and pleasure. This morning as I write though, I am feeling optimistic, so I am going to settle upon flattered. I had been in the stocks for about 45 minutes and I was just about to be released, happy that I had truly embodied the sponge target role to its full potential.

Set for a bullseye

Oh how wrong I was…! Enter stage left, my good friends and their entourage of children. Before I knew it multiple sponges were flying at me from left, right and centre culminating in the entire bucket of sponge water being enthusiastically upturned over my head. Like I said, I am glad that it was a warm and calm day 😆

The other point that I would like to write about today is an emotional realisation. Over the last five months I have been so lucky to meet many wonderful, kind and inspiring people. It has been a pleasure to invest not just my time but also my heart and soul into my activities with them. Had I not been doing my ‘30 things’ challenges the likelihood of ever crossing paths with these groups and characters would have been slim to none. I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone, resulting in some wonderful bonds and connections, completely unique in my life up to this point. But, here is the question, where do I draw the line? I am naturally a caring person, and I don’t like seeing others distressed and upset. I can care so much, that their turmoil can become my turmoil. I can’t help but put myself in their position in a desperate attempt to remove the weight from their shoulders and put it on mine. This is not healthy. So, what can I do? I need to find a way to support and empower those that I care for, but in a way that I can still keep my emotional sanity in tact. I need to ensure that at the end of each day I can introspectively disengage from external stimuli. I need to allow myself a clear conscience. Easy, right…? Sadly it doesn’t always seem to be.

Soggy charity buckets

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